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We sell only authentic medicinal variety of Tulsi mentioned in our shastras and religious texts. Tulsi plant is a must have for your home and office space. She brings peace, prosperity and health and highly sacred. Tulsi plant is very popular among Indian households and our religious dhams. Vrindavan is infact named after 'Vrinda' and 'van' meaning forest of Tulsi/basil. The fragrance of the leaves is also quite attractive. The leaves can be used for numerous medical home remedies,especially when the dried leaves are used and have several medicinal benefits especially in relieving from cold, hair loss treatment etc. The flowers are of purple or blue colour.

Types of Tulsi

  •         Krishna Tulsi
  •          Rama Tulsi
  •          Kapoor Tulsi

 Benefits of Tulsi

  • Helps in curing cold, flu, headache, sore throat and chest congestion.
  • Good for treating skin diseases.
  • Helps in building stamina and immunity.
  • Tulsi is good for diabetic patient
  • Tulsi leaves are useful in treating gum disorders.

Parts Use:  Leaves, Seed, Whole body

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