3 Spiral Bamboo Stick

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The ‘3 Spiral bamboo Stick’ plant is also known as Feng Shui bamboo because of its good luck qualities. Some of its common names are curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, friendship Bamboo etc. This plant is very beautiful and attractive which makes it ideal for a business or for a decorative house spot. Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plant in the world. According to Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo brings good luck and fortune to those who keep it and to the environment in which it is kept. Feng Shui principles claim that bamboo attracts positive chi energy means it brings good fortune. Bamboo is such an amazing auspicious plant that brings peaceful and positive energy in our home. It is very easy to grow as it only needs water, air and light. It has become the most popular plants in the world because of the belief that it brings fortune and energizes your home. It is said that more the number of stalks it have, the greater the blessings of the fortune and good luck it will bring. You can keep the bamboo plant indoor as well outdoor. But according to the feng shui it gives more benefit when kept inside the home. The kind of energy the plant attracts depends on the number of bamboo plant stalks and the pot where it is kept. It doesn’t need much care. One of the best places to keep the lucky bamboo is the east or south-east or south of the home, but never place it in a bedroom. Place one in your home and see the positive effect in your health, business, good luck, prosperity and harmony in your home. It is said to give best effect when gifted.

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